Let's Elevate: A Toolbox of Basics for Mentors and Coaches

Want to elevate your impact? An online resource, the Toolbox of Basics for Mentors and Coaches provides professional development to build the foundation for mentor and coach practice. Each interactive module - Mentor Language, Collaborative Assessment, Differentiated Coaching, Knowing Students, Giving Feedback and Mentoring for Equity - offers proven highly effective tools, videos of conversations, protocols and reflective questions to support mentors and coaches in creating positive and collaborative partnerships with teachers. NTC’s Professional Learning Series builds upon these basics to develop mentor and coach understanding, knowledge, and skills to support teachers to expect and plan for variances among learners— and provide all students access to standards-based instruction in an equitable, Optimal Learning Environment (OLE) with attention to equity and continuous academic, social, and emotional growth. Want to learn more about how New Teacher Center can provide further support? Click on “Want to Learn More? Connect” 


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New Teacher Center (NTC) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of teachers and school leaders. Founded by teachers in 1998, NTC works in conjunction with school districts, state policymakers and educators across the country to provide all educators with the support and resources necessary to succeed from their first day to their last. NTC’s programs are built upon evidence-based principles for developing a talented and effective educator workforce, and are proven to accelerate teacher effectiveness, reduce teacher churn and improve student achievement.